Dymax Tree Shears

Introduced to the UK by Practicality Brown Limited (PBL) in 2005, Dymax Tree Shears have proven to be the most robust, best-engineered forest harvesting tree shears made.

The tree clearance company pioneered many new methods of removing and processing vegetation over the past 35 years, many of which are now common practice within the trade.

PBL tested and then redesigned the shears to ensure they were sturdy enough to grip the tree during felling, holding in position, cut and manoeuvre the cut timber to a safe drop zone.  Dymax Tree Shears are the most cost effective and safest way to fell trees.

This speeds up felling and greatly reduces the risk associated with chainsaw felling, tree climbing/working at height and manual handling. Additionally, the use of tree shears greatly reduced noise levels.

Tree Shears have become common-place for the mechanical felling of trees with low timber value, or those that are in close proximity to live carriageways, structures and retained trees, minimising risk or damage close to structures or highways.  They are also ideal for maintaining ditches around county roads, as well as other utility clearing operations.

Quick and easy to fit and change between excavator attachments; most people who have bought Dymax Tree Shear wonder how they survived before without them.

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