Why use a Tree Shear

Why use a Tree Shear

A Tree Shear is the perfect tool for utility tree clearance, sensitive thinning, biomass harvesting and the controlled felling of trees for road, rail or development site clearance.  There is an increasing demand from contractors faced with clearing diseased Ash trees in Southern England, many of which too dangerous to fell by chainsaw, as they are brittle dying trees.

Dymax Tree Shears have become the most cost effective and safest way to fell trees since Practicality Brown Ltd (PBL) introduced them to the UK in 2005. Since then they have become commonplace within the forestry trade; they are extremely reliable, high quality and robustly engineered excavator attachment for 13 – 30t machines. The 2018 HPX range includes an optional but ever useful 180-degree rotation.

Why use a Tree Shear

Why use a Dymax Tree Shear?

PBL trialled different makes of Tree Shear before choosing Dymax. It’s great value and more importantly a tree shear that you can rely on to grip hold and cut trees when it really matters.  We believe that a machine operator has enough to think about when felling trees without the added worry of a lightweight tree shear not being able to cut and hold the tree properly.

Dymax Tree Shears feature dual grapple arms that secure the tree prior to the solid steel shear blades cleanly cut the timber; the double grapples firmly hold the cut tree, even on windy days, giving the operator full control. Cut trees can then be placed or stacked precisely to suit the confines of the site and further processing.

Why use a Tree Shear

Safer Tree Felling

Using a Dymax Tree Shear speeds up felling and greatly reduces the risks associated with chainsaw use, tree climbing/working at height and manual handling.  Tree Shears use minimises traditional felling noise levels, reducing the impact on the local environment.

Tree Shears are now in regular use for the mechanical felling of trees close to structures, live utilities, live roads and also on ecological sites.  When Dymax Tree Shears are fitted to excavators, they can reach over fences, into ditches, into habitat exclusion zones (badger, newts, etc.) and also are used regularly to dismantle trees with bat potential (post climbing inspection) minimising disturbance to these sensitive areas.

Quick and easy to fit and change between excavator attachments; most people who have bought Dymax Tree Shear wonder how they survived before having them.

Dymax Tree Shears come with several options so are generally built to order in the US; PBL do hold stock of some 14” models in the UK for quick despatch. Sales enquiries should be emailed to sales@treeshears.co.uk   and the website treeshears.co.uk has full details of the current range on offer.


Operated Hire

PBL’s contracting division can offer operated hire of the following Dymax Tree Shear models within 100 miles of Iver, Bucks:

  • 10″ Forestry Grapple Shear on 8t Zero Swing Excavator
  • 14” Forestry Grapple Shear on 14t Zero Swing Excavator
  • 16” Dymax Forest Grapple Shear with Rotation on 21t Excavator

Contact treeclearance@pracbrown.co.uk

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